Thursday, January 20, 2011

IQ v/s EQ

IQ was for long been considered as the sole characteristic of an individual that would determine as to how far he would go. IQ – a number used to express the ability to learn or understand or to deal with new situations, ability to apply knowledge; was considered enough to get through in life and be successful. But many real life examples of extremely intelligent and bright people failing to make their mark highlighted the importance of EQ.

 EQ is a measure of a person’s ability to use his emotions and his cognitive skills to function more effectively, emotional literacy, empathy and self-motivation. And in the past few years many researches and studies have proved that EQ is the factor that distinguishes a person from his peers with the same intelligence. Whether a company needs to downsize or team leaders need to be decided – it is nothing but EQ that helps one make the cut.

IQ is what takes you through school and EQ is what that takes us through life!
IQ acts as the springboard and our jump is determined by EQ and SQ. Our EQ has more to do with our success and happiness than anything else. EQ has been the most neglected part in our education system with over importance been given to IQ. But the best part about EQ is that it can be learned and increased in due course of time.

In a workplace or in general in life, it is EQ that helps us navigate well through the various tricky meandering ways of life. Establishing a connect between the colleagues and earning their trust helps a great deal to give best performance and this can be earned only by EQ, but only after IQ has got you in your desired place.
So, IQ can be easily considered as the tip of the iceberg of the immense potential our mind has.

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