Friday, November 5, 2010

An Ode to Stevie G

The way he plays the game,
I wish it could be me.
But the fact of the matter is
His name is Stevie G.

His future had been decided,
It was written in the stars.
Where had this lad come from,
Jupiter or mars?

Born and raised in Liverpool,
A Scouser at heart,
His talent on the football pitch
Is like a work of art

It didn’t take long to happen,
A hero of the Kop.
Before they even knew it,
He had reached the top

Along with the captain’s armband,
He was given number eight.
Sir Alex would love to sign him
But you’ve got no chance mate.

Stevie went down in history
On that night in May.
A fifth European Cup;
Would there be a better day?

And so he joins the others,
King Kenny and the rest.
A legend of the football club.
The badge upon his chest.

He’ll always be a hero
With Liverpool in his heart.
I will always remember him,
Till death do us part.

by Harry Ponting

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