Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tussle in my Mind

There has been inadvertently a long gap between my blog posts. And I do know the reason for it. I usually tend to use Microsoft Word for writing down anything that comes to my mind. But my father suggests writing anything with pen and paper first. He is of the opinion that writing on pen and paper is an entirely different skill than typing on a computer. I really do not know if he is right but yes, this thought lingers in the back of my mind. And it comes to the fore whenever I feel like writing something.

Considering the lazy fellow I am, I get dissuaded with the thought of writing it on paper and then digitizing it. So I give it a pass and so many opportunities gone by when I could have written my 2 cents on them.  Although, I would really like to know if the writing skill traditionally on pen and paper is different than writing on a computer.

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