Sunday, March 4, 2012

... In the Lap of Nature

Having lived all our lives in the plains, in the midst of hustle-bustle of fast paced cities surrounded by concrete structures we (group of six-seven friends) decided to undertake a few small trips to some serene, beautiful places. With a couple of trips already done and a few more to happen (hopefully!), trust me, this was one of the best decisions we ever made. And I’m sure my friends would agree with me on that.

Visiting places known for their serene environment and natural beauty has endeared Mother Nature to us more than ever before. Until now, we had read about Nature and its unmatched beauty and grace only in books, but these trips provided us firsthand experience of what exactly NATURE is.

Trip 1 : Shimla

There was no one amongst us who was untouched by the calm, beautiful environment we encountered both in Shimla and Corbett. One of my good friends, Atul, aptly put it when he said that he had physically returned but was mentally still away in those lush valleys. I too get similar feelings going through our pics; I too long to return back in time so as to be able to relive that moment again.
Trip 2 : Jim Corbett National Park

A couple of things I feel we learnt from our travels were that “Some of the best things in life are free”. Luckily, there are places, moments that are STILL not taxed or charged and it is important that we make the most of them. We learnt this simple, but significant truth through our experience. Experiencing these moments made us realize what exactly we are foregoing while in pursuit of our worldly goals.

Nonetheless, Time is not up yet and there are a few more trips to come.
Hopefully, we are a little wiser now and will make the most of them!

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