Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Task Done!

Finally after a lot of persevering and dedication I managed to finish Friedman’s book The World is Flat in approx 2 months. I don’t remember me ever reading a 600+ page book completely or even for that matter a heavy course book. But let me admit that reading this was one of the best learning I got in terms of globalization, the present world. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it – I wouldn’t have derived such enjoyment even from a Harry Potter novel.

Friedman emphasized very well the affects of how computer/new technology was affecting our lives, the job opportunities and how its going to change the social landscape in coming years. The best part was I could relate it to my field and visualize what all challenges this is going to throw up.

A lot of his arguments simply blew my mind; few of which I put up here.
Someone interested in the out-sourcing debate or why/how India has evolved into an IT power will also find it worth to read.


Danny said...

You should appreciate me for motivating you to read this book in Metro. ;)

RG said...

Yes, actually I do :D