Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Deemed or Doomed Universities

At a time when the Centre has allowed foreign educational institutes to set up campuses in India, further developments in the ongoing tussle between the govt. and the “erring” deemed universities will prove crucial in determining the future education scenario in India. Stripping these universities of their “deemed” status will act as an example not only for the hundreds of educational institutes cropping up like mushrooms in every nook and corner of the country but also for the foreign institutes which are about to enter the Indian shores. But, at the same time a strict action will put the careers of hundreds of students studying in these universities in jeopardy and surely put them on a weak footing as compared to their peers, despite the assurance by the HRD ministry. While the decision by the Supreme Court is awaited on the following matter, it is quite outrageous on the part of these errant institutes to go on an expanding spree to attract prospective students and put their future in danger. It is important to ensure the institutes are on par with the norms set up by the ministry and no more students are cheated further.

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SR said...

I like your this post very much..
because you have written about education of India which is very interesting for Indians,millions of institute are there but uncountable are fake,so how can we choose which is right or wrong..
Govt should ban all deemed universities of India.