Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Even as the country and the victims of the Mumbai terror attack try to recover from the deadly strikes and painful memories; there is one victim who is going to find it a little more difficult to forget that incident. The victim is a two year old child,MOSHE HOLTZBERG, Jewish by origin.His parents, Rabbi Gavriel and Rivkah Holtzberg ran the Nariman House (Chabad House)where the terrorists attacked on November 28.

Look at the irony that it was on his second birthday that the cruel hands of fate snatched away his parents and left him as an orphan. It was a brave act from his nanny Sandra who rescued him from between the crossfire.In a way the terror attack has torn apart Moshe's life; his one older sibling is already permanently hospitalized in Israel and now his parents will no longer be with him.

At the Jewish congregation in Mumbai, his cries of "Ima", Hebrew for mother pierced everybody's hearts. The toddler who not even knows what 'terrorism' means, may not be able to ever forget seeing his parents being shot in cold blood.Its for sure that the Mumbai attack has changed Moshe's life forever and it would require a lot of effort and support fom his relatives to help Moshe overcome from this tragic loss. In this moment of trouble all our prayers are with him.

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